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How to Strengthen your Visualization Muscle

This past week, I fooled around with some arts and crafts. I hadn’t thought about it before, but I now see that doing art (like drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.) can actually be an amazing way to work a very, very important part of your brain: the part that enables you to visualize and adapt. I wrote about visualization before (Visualizing Success), but I’d like to go over it again AND share how art is a great way to work those critical parts of your brain.

First, why should anyone care about visualization? Continue reading


Why Blogs are Universally Beneficial

Ever since I made the choice to create a blog, I have been learning more and more about the opportunities created by blogging. I’ve come to believe that almost any person, business, or organization can use a blog as a tool to reach their goal whether it is more knowledge, more money, or more influence. It’s interesting to note that all of these goals are often interrelated.

The value model of a blog promotes openness, curiosity (Why You Should  Have Curiosity), progress, collaboration, and most of the time, ethical practice. Because blogs are often monetized through means other than direct sales, the content of the blog has less reason to stray from its stated purpose. The global reach of the internet makes generating worthwhile revenue from ads feasible (I don’t think any other medium can reach as many viewers for less cash). A blog about computers can consistently deliver unbiased computer news and tips and not worry about having to sell a reader on buying their own product or a product of an affiliate. While this incentive will always exist, it will be their unbiased information that drives readers to their site, and targeted Google ads (google will do the targeting work for the blogger) and sponsorship that create revenue.

But is ad revenue all that a blog will provide to its creator?  What exactly is the value model? What does a blogger give and what does a blogger get? What does the blog provide to its readers and what do the readers provide for the blog? It’s here that I believe the most flexibility exists and the biggest change from classic models comes in. Let’s start from the beginning: Continue reading

Intro: The Purpose (Start Here)

*Welcome! My name is Jared Surnamer I am currently 23 living in Trinidad and Tobago. I was born and raised in the USA and moved here to start a long term travel plan as well as get my personal finances together.

I find the purpose of the writer of any written expression to be very important information for the reader, so let me make my purpose for this blog very clear: Continue reading