Can You Really Snap Out of a God Awful Mood?

This is me sometimes.

Sometimes you get into a bad mood, a funk. You can’t shake it, and what’s worse is that you are totally aware that you’re in it. You observe yourself being an ass to your significant other, your friend, your parent, etc. and for some reason you just keep doing it because you feel too crappy to make a change. It would require just too much effort to “pretend” like everything is cool.

At this point, it seems like we have two options:

1. “Snap out of it! Mind over matter!” or “Go do some physical activity to clear your mind, then all will be better.” Some positive, uplifting kind of method.

2. Wait it out. Accept that you’re feeling like a load of poo, and that even though you’re aware of it, you seemingly cannot do anything about it. It will just have to pass on its own.

Well, which one is the way to go? If you’re in a good state of mind, most likely that answer is the first method. Unfortunately, if you’re in that really crappy mood, the first method sounds like a load of garbage.

I so far conclude that while we should try our best to be pleasant to those around us, we’re left with just one option–the second. Might as well just accept that we’re in a God awful mood and that’s that…eventually we’ll come around. Ideally, someone who is in a horrible mood could read this, see if they disagree, and if they disagree, fill me in on how to snap out of a really, really awful mood (while you’re in it). Otherwise, this post is for anyone in a God awful mood. I can empathize with the hopeless feeling–no point in adding fuel to the fire by telling yourself you “shouldn’t” be in this mood.

I hope no one thought I actually had a solution to offer, what a let down that would be!


3 responses to “Can You Really Snap Out of a God Awful Mood?

  1. As someone that’s currently in a God awful mood…I’m choosing to accept it, but I’m also in the process of working through it.
    I’m not in the mood to pretend, to snap out of it, to distract myself with any nonsense, but all this stewing is kind of productive.
    What exactly am I feeling?
    Why am I feeling this way….and I’m going to continue to ask myself that question until I can give myself an honest answer.
    Where does all of this stem from?
    Is this a cycle? Have I been here before?
    What can I do about it now?
    What can I do about it in the future?

    Sorry if this sounds corny, but it works for me….almost every time. I feel like I bond with myself whenever I take the time to just feel my feelings. No one else is gunna care this much about me, so I make it a point to love myself as much as possible. Take a mental health break, retreat, even if it’s in my own head and figure out what it is that I need to get out of life right now.

    What can I do about it in the future?

    • Yes!!! Thanks so much for contributing stewie! That’s a very significant point…rather than anything else just trying to understand yourself better (is that a decent nutshell?). What better thing to spend time doing! I love it, use it as an opportunity. Thanks! Makes writing and asking questions worthwhile….thanks stew!

  2. Hope it actually helps. G’luck : )

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