To Women, from a Guy, Re: Bodies

I’ve noticed a change has occurred in the portrayal of beauty of women in the media. Basically it has gone from natural to really skinny–so skinny that I don’t think it is healthy. I know at some point there was a big public stink about anorexic models but looking at pics from fashion shows and advertisements, I see nothing has changed.

The fact that this is out there represents a problem, and I say that only because these models are not healthy yet they are models (noun, a standard or example for imitation or comparison):

I don’t know if those were popular models or not, but I know this one is:


Now Zoe is a very lovely model, and she’s been in movies and all. She beautiful, but we must admit she certainly is on the skinny side of the spectrum. What I mean by that is that her weight is well below that of the average woman (not just obese americans).

I don’t know where this change occurred. But let me point out two fly superstars who are nothing less because they are not super low weight:

Ms. Rose

Mz. Beats (are they still together?)

These are two lovely women who seem a bit more ordinary in their build (obviously they still have fantastic bodies) and in their diets.

I would just like to say, as a guy, to all women, that I don’t subscribe to that super skinny ideal of beauty. In fact, more than a full figure, I appreciate a healthy body. I think it’s sexy when I see a desire and willingness to work towards a healthy and durable body, from inside out. I don’t think it’s men who have pushed this “skinny thing.” It must be some much bigger, sicker, marketing trend that makes women self-conscious and people write books about.

Since I have this blog, I just wanted to publicly tell all my fellow humans that happen to be female:

Don’t buy into this image at the cost of your health. I don’t really find it attractive…just be healthy, be you. I like dates to restaurants where I can stuff my face with my girl. If you love your natural body, I bet I will too, and I bet it will look and feel better than what you see on TV.

Update: In fact, if Amber Rose or Alicia Keys obtained their body by vomiting after meals, or something bad for their health, that would be a turn off to me personally. It’s more than the physical appearance.

Guys, if you feel the same way, let a woman know that you don’t buy into it either. Some girls are really suffering because of it, and that’s less booty walking around. It’s a damn shame.


2 responses to “To Women, from a Guy, Re: Bodies

  1. Love your post! Especially the last two lines. So funny. I think what you say about just being a healthy you, is so important. Women, need to get the word “thin” out of our vocabulary and replace that word with “healthy.” Body image is a constant struggle for most of us ladies so it is nice to hear this point of view from a man. Thanks!!

  2. Certainly not a problem…my pleasure! And I’m glad you love it.. that means a lot! Honestly such a small thing does mean a lot to me. But I agree with you on the replacing “weight” with “health.” its funny, I just bought a book on diet and fitness. No frills, not a brand diet book—just a book that brings you the science to say “how to calculate your energy needs,” “how to calculate your protein needs,” exercises to get a balanced body, etc. They talk about all your vitals but NEVER mention how you look or your weight (except when talking about BMI as a general indicator)… everything is just pertaining to usefulness!

    I tweeted a quote from Paulo Coelho’s “Alchemist,” where he talks about alchemists trying so hard to understand the nature of metal so they could purify it and turn it into gold. With such a healthy curiosity, they “forgot about their vanities,” and trying to purify the metal ended up “purifying themselves.” If one becomes more and more interested in their health and spends time learning about it, that’s less they will think about or care about the vanities of it (how much do I weigh? do I look good in clothes?).

    Health is a great thing to be a student of it seems. I’m turning up that notch! No more concern about my “muscle mass,” just my endurance, strength, and flexibility. However I end up looking, I’ll learn to love.

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