Every Meal is Proof the Universe Wants You Here

The universe arranged this buss up shut with beef, pumpkin, and aloo with an orange solo for me. Universe works wonders.

Right before you dig into your next meal, stop and consider your situation. Imagine that you have no past, that you were just plopped into existence at that very moment. Consider just what that moment is, and what it could have been.

No matter what your situation, it at least includes some food that you can eat, probably in comfort. It also includes some degree of health, ie life, otherwise you wouldn’t be eating or reading this.

It includes some man hours in terms of preparation, the harvesting of some things that grew out of the Earth that resulted from millions of years of marvelous engineering, and probably the forfeited life of an animal.

In that moment, everything is arranged so that you may have that meal and keep it moving.

Considering these things before every meal has given me a sense of joyful indebtedness to the universe. As meals keep rolling in, you can’t help but wonder “why?”


3 responses to “Every Meal is Proof the Universe Wants You Here

  1. You are truly an inspiration, Jared — I’ve been trying to savor things, the way you did with the Palki’s food… not just food, but life in general. What an inspirational post. The lingering “why” at the end of your article reminds of me of this Rabbi Abraham Herschel’s brilliant book “I asked for wonder”… you’re alot like that: always in that state of wonder about life. It’s truly inspirational — keep writing, I enjoy reading these articles. They really make me stop and think.
    And excellent choice for the food pic 😀

  2. Wow, I’m so happy you enjoyed this post, and that it provided some inspiration. And then shared it with me! I took a break from writing here its definitely great to get AH FEEDBACK ! What is that book about btw? is it very religious? and re: food, yes, amin’s on cipero is arguably proof of intelligent design lol

  3. You should check it out — it’s spiritual, not overly religious. Knowing you, I think you’d enjoy it a lot!
    And yes, you’re a very inspiring person to know 🙂 Keep writing, my friend!

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